Welcome to Ampelakia Bay Skiathos
Mystique Beach club restaurant


Skiathos Mystique Beach Bar & Restaurant is located at the Ampelakia beach, in the Koukounaries region of Skiathos at the end of the main road of Skiathos.

Access is made easy through a variety of ways that combine both the sea water and land access.

By Sea

Daily ferry boat and high speed ferry connection to Skiathos is made available by a number of different shipping companies that depart daily from the ports of Agios Kostandinos, Volos, Psaropouli (Evoia island) and Thessaloniki. For information and ticketing please visit Skiathos Ferry Boat Tickets.

By Air

During the summer months, daily flight connection is available from Athens International airport to the Papadiamandis airport in Skiathos. In addition, daily flights with the Sea Planes are scheduled from the port of Volos, the Athens International Airport (via Volos-expected destination), the airport of Molos, app. 20km past the port of Agios Kostandinos (expected destination), the Thessaloniki International Airport (expected destination).

From Volos port to Skiathos, the flight duration is 20 min; average flight time from Athens airport is 35 minutes; from the expected new destinations the average flight time to Skiathos is 30 minutes.

Please note that flight access to Skiathos is available all year around; during the winter months the flight service is not on a daily basis-check for details with

Land Access

Departing from Skiathos town towards Koukounaries with the municipal bus, you get off at the last stop at the end of the main road, just of the Koukounaries beach, and lake. If you wish to drive to Ampelakia beach, please head towards Koukounaries and make a left towards Banana beach; follow the signs up the hill, up to the sign pointing to Mystique Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Sea Access

Departing from all ports-beaches of Skiathos, head south towards the Koukounaries beach; pass the Koukounaries beach, the Xenia hotel beach and you arrive at Ampelakia beach.