Welcome to Ampelakia Bay Skiathos
Mystique Beach club restaurant


Wakes your senses

What you dream is next to you, 12 km away from the town of Skiathos, at the Ampelakia beach, in the famous Koukounaries area of Skiathos.

"Welcome to the secluded and majestic Mystique Beach Bar & Ampelakia beach. A magnificent location where you can spend all day relaxing, with soothing backyard music while enjoying a wide range of mouth watering smoothies and cocktails paired with exquisite food.

We try to bring you the freshest and finest ingredients from small Greek producers We use vegetables picked from our garden or local farmers and olive oil from our harvest."

The beach bar could not be more picturesque. The bar staff are friendly, the music is perfect and the menu has a wide range of fresh, healthy and interesting dishes. The beach is quieter and smaller than many of the others, making it a perfect and tranquil way to spend the day.